Timber Prices in Georgia

Timber 9Timber prices in Georgia have fallen slightly from the beginning of the year.  Lumber prices on the other hand have risen to highs not seen in years.  There are many theories as to why the timber prices have not risen in conjunction with lumber prices.  Some say that because timber prices have been low for so long, people have been sitting on the sidelines not selling timber and therefore there is a large supply of timber that can be accessed to meet the demand.  Also, over the last several years mills have shut down and or reduced capacity because of decreased demand for lumber.  As demand returns for lumber, the mills have to increase the capacity which takes a while.

The increase in the homebuilding market and increase in renovations are helping to fuel the lumber demand.  The rains, if they continue, could increase timber prices as wet sites cannot be accessed to log.

Keep your fingers crossed that housing demand continues to increase which will help all aspects of the economy.

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