The Baker Group offers comprehensive brokerage services for its clients.  We offer our clients all of the most up to date technological approaches to real estate sales, as well as the network and knowledge obtained from our 40 plus years of experience.  One principle we believe in is that real estate is a “people business” and always will be.  No matter how technologically advanced real estate becomes, there are still “people” on both sides of the transaction.  Understanding what both sides need and desire gives our clients added benefit in negotiating on their behalf.  We have represented individuals, partnerships, corporations, and international investors.  Our approach to brokerage always begins with listening to our client and fully understanding their needs.  For brokerage sales, we then position their asset in the most favorable light based upon realistic market data and negotiate the best possible price and terms for our client.  For purchaser brokerage engagements, we search for the best possible product that meets their needs and negotiate the best purchase price or lease rate and terms.

When a client chooses to engage our brokerage services, we also include our “Consulting” Services for the client.


The Baker Group can advise property owners about their real estate holdings.  We own and manage our own real estate holdings and have been developer, landlord, seller, and purchaser of real estate.  We can use our knowledge and experience  to advise our clients about the value of their holdings and help them understand how to move forward in the future based upon their goals for their property.  This is a complex undertaking that needs to take into account all of the following and more: the local market where the real estate is located, the condition of the economy, trends in real estate, and the value of the asset involved, relative to the owners desire for that asset.  The Baker Group can help an owner make meaningful decisions about their real estate based upon the facts.


The Baker Group has been involved in numerous developments including residential subdivisions, industrial parks, and retail projects.  We can manage the development of your project using the experience we have gained in the past.  We can offer as much involvement as the client deems necessary.  A partial list of the services we can manage are: site plan formulation, proforma analysis, permit application and approval, soil erosion control, development of infrastructure, and final plat approval.